South Jersey SAR Officers

 South Jersey SAR Officers (2017-2019) Effective 3/25/17 and 9/23/17

President Richard W Serfass
Past President, Honorary Trustee  Harry E. Schaeffer
1st Vice President Erick Ford
2nd Vice President Keith Owens, Jr.
Secretary Larry Nelson
Treasurer Charles Field
Genealogist/Registrar Harry Schaeffer
Chaplain Thomas W. Boyd
Historian Erick Ford
Assistant Historian Charles V. Field
Trustee 2 Richard Burr
Trustee 3 Martin Shipe
Honor Guard Jack Yerkes
Chancellor John Coventry

Committees & Chairpersons
Eagle Scout/Scholarship Competition: Recognition of Eagle Scouts at local high schools LArry Nelson
ROTC/Junior ROTC: Recognition of exemplary cadets in high school ROTC programs Richard Serfass
Good Citizenship Award: Recognition for high school aged students Peter Scout
Publicity: This committee shall report to the local press and to the State Publicity Chairman for publication in the National Magazine such activities of this Chapter as may appear to be newsworthy  Vacant
AMERICANS AND PATRIOTIC EDUCATION COMMITTEE. This committee shall plan and carry out any community patriotic programs which this Chapter may wish to undertake, shall also be responsible for the dissemination of patriotic information to the general public and, in this function, shall work closely with the Publicity Committee. Vacant
Program: Providing programs for scheduled Chapter meetings Vacant
Mew Member Recruiting: Providing strategies for increasing SAR and Chapter membership. This committee shall endeavor to increase the membership of this Chapter. The Registrar/Genealogist shall be, ex-officio, a member of this committee. Vacant.
Nominating:Not less than sixty (60) days prior to the Annual Meeting of this Chapter, the President shall submit for approval by this Chapter the names of three members to serve as a Nominating Committee. It shall be the duty of this Committee to secure and recommend nominations for the officers to be elected at the next Annual Meeting. Nominations may also be made from the floor at any meeting prior to the time of the Annual Meeting. Harry Schaeffer
Awards, Honors and Monuments: This committee shall be charged with the study and recommendation of all awards and honors suggested by the membership and shall further be responsible for the approval or disapproval of monuments to be erected or historic landmarks to be recognized. Only a majority vote of the full membership of this Chapter shall override a negative decision of this committee.  Harry Schaeffer
Webmaster Richard W. Serfass
MEETINGS COMMITTEE. This committee shall have the duty of arranging for the location, programs and meals for all regular meetings of thus Chapter and shall represent this Chapter in this capacity in any special joint meetings with other chapters or organizations. It shall also be the duty of this committee to notify the Secretary regarding the particulars of the meetings in sufficient time that he may notify the members of all such meetings and receive return replies from the members of this Chapter prior to the meeting date.

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