Revolutionary War Reenactors and Reenactments

4th Continental Artillery Regiment at Bordentown

4th Continental Artillery Regiment at Bordentown

One of the many outlets for members of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) is to participate in mock battles which replicate the actual battles that occurred during America’s fight for independence.  Although you don’t have to be a SAR member or have an ancestor who fought in the Revolutionary War to reenact, many do. This page describe the reenactors from the SJCSAR.

Reenactors from the South Jersey Chapter SAR

Reenactor Reenactment Unit Participation Comments
Larry Nelson      
Richard Serfass 43 Regiment of Foot & 2nd PA Regiment Battle of Monmouth, June 2017; Battle at Fort Mercer, October, 2017; Washington’s Crossing (Battle of Trenton), December 25, 2017
2014: Monmouth, Sandy Hollow, Germantown, Ft. Mercer, Mt. Harmon
Rich is a Private in this unit, with the position of. Matross, Gunner and Bombardier.
William Mandell 4th Continental Artillery Regiment (Proctors Artillery).
Morrisville, PA
Many years of reenactments Bill is a Captain in this unit, with the position of Commander.
Marty Shipe      

Current Year Reenactment Schedule

For a “complete” list of battles and skirmishes download by clicking “List of American Revolutionary War battles.” This will download a Word file.  Click on the Battle that you are interested in and you will find additional information.  Battles that have reenactment events will usually be close to the original date of the battle.