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ALLOWAY March 21, 1778

British troops overrun local militia at the farm of William Abbott, near bridge over Alloways Creek, during Maj. John Simcoe’s raid on HANCOCK’S BRIDGE.



ALLOWAY’S BRIDGE March 17, 1778

British foraging party destroys James Smith’s house.



BACON’S NECK May 6, 1776

Cumberland County militia chase foraging party from British ships anchored at mouth of Cohansey Creek. British land party at Tindon’s or Findle’s Island, between Cohansey and Stow Creeks, known as Bacon’s Neck.

BLACK HORSE June 22, 1778

British and American patrols exchange shots.

BURLINGTON December 11, 1776

Pennsylvania Navy bombards Burlington after Hessian occu- pation under Count Carl Von Donop.

BURLINGTON May 8, 1778

Burlington suffers another naval bombardment, this time by the British.


Robbers loot several houses in Springfield Township

COOPER’S FERRY October 21, 1777

Americans snipe at British troops on way to Red Bank from Philadelphia.

Smith, Delaware, 19.


COOPER’S FERRY December 15, 1777

Jersey militia takes twenty British sailors.

NJA 2, I, 514.


COOPER’S FERRY March 2, 1778

Gen. Anthony Wayne and Count Casimir Pulaski skirmish with Maj. John Simcoe.

Stewart, Salem, 39.


British capture Daniel Richards’ shallop bound from Phila- delphia to Morris [Maurice] River. All hands escape to shore.

DELAWARE RIVER May 8, 9, 1776

British ships cannonade Salem County from Delaware River for two days.


DELAWARE RIVER September 26, 1777

Gloucester County militia takes ship at Philadelphia.


DELAWARE RIVER September 29, 1777

American and British ships battle off Chester, Pa.

Smith, Delaware, 9.


DELAWARE RIVER October 5, 1777

Americans scuttle two ships in gap British made in cheveaux- de-frise near Billingsport.


DELAWARE RIVER October 7, 1777

Skirmish occurs on Province Island near Fort Mifflin.



DELAWARE RIVER October 8, 1777

Naval action takes place at mouth of Schuylkill River.


DELAWARE RIVER October 9, 1777

A floating battery between Little Mud Island and Fort Island fires on British.



DELAWARE RIVER October 11, 12, 1777

Commodore John Hazlewood’s galleys [Pennsylvania Navy] cannonade Carpenter’s Island. Another attack made the next day.



DELAWARE RIVER November 21, 1777

British shore batteries fire on American vessels attempting to pass Philadelphia along Jersey shore.


DELAWARE RIVER December 31, 1777

Americans strip and burn transport brigantine John and armed schooner Industry between Philadelphia and Gloucester Point.


DELAWARE RIVER December 31, 1777

Americans strip and destroy transport Lord Howe.



DELAWARE RIVER December 31, 1777

Continental troops at Wilmington blow up brig with two field pieces. Three other vessels are driven to Jersey shore, where in- habitants are “taking proper care of their cargoes.”

DELAWARE RIVER January 1, 1778

Americans strip and destroy sloop taken between Chester and Philadelphia.



DELAWARE RIVER January 5, 1778

The “Battle of the Kegs” occurs when mines and kegs released between Bordentown and Burlington explode off Philadelphia.



DELAWARE RIVER March 12, 1778

Americans burn transports Katy and Mermaid off New Castle.


ELSINBORO March 24, 1778

Militiamen capture a wagon and three horses with baggage and stores, the property of Daniel Cozen, Tory captain.

Sickler, Salem, 170.

EVESHAM June 18, 1778

British kill Capt. Jonathan Beesley during “an occasional light skirmish” as armies move through New Jersey.

FORT MERCER October 22, 1777

Americans have fourteen killed and 23 wounded, Hessians lose 514, killed or wounded, at Battle of Red Bank.

Smith, Delaware, 21-23.


FORT MERCER November 19, 1777

Gen. Charles Cornwallis attacks Fort Mercer. Americans evac- uate next day.

NJA 2, 1, 517-518.

Smith, Delaware, 39.


GLOUCESTER November 25, 1777

Reconnaissance force under Marquis de Lafayette and British have brief exchange.

NJA 2, I, 487-498.

Smith, Delaware, 40-41.

Boatner, 437.



GLOUCESTER November 27, 1777

Gen. Charles Cornwallis returns to Philadelphia after clearing east bank of rebels. Takes 800 head of cattle. Local militia harasses and British suffer four losses.

NJA 2, I, 505.


GLOUCESTER April 4, 1778

Foraging parties have skirmish.

Baurmeister, Revolution, 52.


GLOUCESTER June 18, 1778

American light horse attack British during evacuation of Phila- delphia near Gloucester Point and take prisoners.


GREENWICH December 22, 1774

Greenwich Tea Party.


HADDONFIELD October 21, 1777

Local militia harasses British troops on way to Red Bank.

Smith, Delaware, 18-19.


HADDONFIELD November 24, 1777

American troops bivouac before the Battle of Gloucester.

British foraging party harasses them.

Smith, Delaware, 39-40.


HADDONFIELD February 28, 1778

Gen. Anthony Wayne’s foraging party tangles with British patrol.

Stewart, Foraging, 7.


HADDONFIELD (NEAR) February 28, 1778

Maj. John Simcoe (Br.) leads raid in Haddonfield vicinity.

Stewart, Foraging, 11.


HADDONFIELD April 5, 1778

British capture Maj. William Ellis during skirmish.

Baurmeister, Revolution, 162.


HADDONFIELD June 18, 1778

Gen. William Maxwell’s brigade harasses British evacuating Philadelphia.

Carrington, 414-415.


HANCOCK’S BRIDGE March 21, 1778

Maj. John Simcoe and Rangers (Br.) with New Jersey Volun- teers murder everyone in Hancock House.


MANTUA October 2, 1777

Force under Gen. Silas Newcomb meets force under Col.

Thomas Stirling about 9 a.m. and engage in “pretty brisk fire.”

Smith, Delaware, 10.


MANTUA November 1777

Between November 20 and 27, Gen. Charles Cornwallis burns barracks at Mantua Creek marching from Billingsport to Glouces- ter.

Stewart, Salem, 32.


MANTUA February 2, 1778

West Jersey Loyalists out of Philadelphia raid vicinity of Red Bank.

NJA 2, II, 35.



MANTUA March 12, 1778

Gloucester County militia and foraging troops under Col.

Charles Mawhood (Br.) skirmish at Mantua Creek.

Sickler, Salem, 146.


MANTUA CREEK November 5, 1777

Americans shell British ships from battery near mouth of Mantua Creek.

Smith, Delaware, 28.


MANTUA CREEK November 15, 1777

Second battery near mouth of Mantua Creek opens up on British ships in river.

Pa. Arch., I, 6, 23.


MANTUA CREEK November 20, 1777

British and Americans skirmish at a ford in Mantua Creek, five miles above bridge patriots had destroyed.

Stewart, Red Bank, 21.


MANTUA CREEK March 16, 1778

Col. Charles Mawhood’s (Br.) troops march up Salem Road to Mantua Creek Bridge, the only place they could cross. Meet Capt. Samuel Hugg (Am.) with artillery and others of our militia.

Barber & Howe, 439.


MAURICE RIVER March 22, 1780

Privateers take prizes in Maurice River and Delaware Bay.

NJA 2, IV, 251.


MAURICE RIVER August 20, 1781

Tories attempt to take shallop at mouth of the Maurice, but militia repulses them.


MICKLETON October 2, 1777

British force under Colonel Stirling attacks Gen. Silas New- comb’s troops.

MT. HOLLY December 23, 1776

Col. Samuel Griffin attacks the British and Hessian position at PETTICOAT BRIDGE. The next day British counterattack, forcing Americans to withdraw. Towards evening, a heated engagement at Iron Mill Hill results in several casualties on both sides. Hessians wind up in Mt. Holly; Americans retreat to Moorestown.

NJA 2, I, 243.

Smith, Trenton, 16.


MT. HOLLY June 20, 1778

Militia harasses British Army on march from Philadelphia to New York.

NJ History, 1st Ser., 7, 16.

NAVAL May 5, 1776

British ships Roebuck and Liverpool have engagement with American brig Lexington.


NAVAL October 23, 1777

Battle of Red Bank or Fort Mercer. Americans sink Merlin

(18 guns) and Augusta (64 guns).

NAVAL April 8, 1782

USS Hyder Ali takes General Monk in Delaware River.

OLDMAN’S CREEK June 12, 1778

Skirmish occurs at the Moravian Church.


PETTICOAT BRIDGE December 22, 1776

Skirmish occurs at the bridge between Slabtown (Jacksonville) and Blackhorse (Columbus).

QUINTON’S BRIDGE March 18, 1778

Maj. John Simcoe’s Rangers have battle with Salem and Cumberland County militias.

SALEM February 26, 1778

Captain Barry, under direction of Gen. Anthony Wayne, de- stroys large quantity of hay before enemy boats appear to stop him.

Stewart, Salem, 37.


SALEM March 17, 1778

Militia and British foraging party skirmish outside Salem.

Stewart, Salem, 47.

NJA 2, II, 129.


SALEM CREEK March 17, 1778

Americans fire upon British foraging party at mouth of Creek.


SWEDESBORO March 22, 1778

Three militiamen take wagon and three horses, the property of Daniel Cozen, a well-known Tory, in foraging raid.

Stewart, Foraging, 29.


SWEDESBORO March 27, 1778

Sixty Tories and marines under a man named Cox take Lt. Bateman Lloyd of the 4th Regiment and two recruits and plunder the house of Capt. Robert Brown.

Sickler, Salem, 170.


SWEDESBORO April 4, 1778

Refugees and British troops arrive hoping to capture local militia. Finding militia gone, they burn schoolhouse and pillage local homes.




TIMBER CREEK November 20, 1777

Militia fires on British at bridge over Timber Creek.


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